Infinite Networks provides a maintenance package that is specifically designed for WordPress. The maintenance package includes all the missing pieces that WordPress doesn’t have so that you can be sure that your website is well protected and has a backup plan in case things go wrong. The CMS Maintenance Package includes;

WordPress Core and Security Updates

CMS’s or Content Management Systems are frameworks that a website can be built on so that content elements such as pages, posts, menus can easily be edited through an interface that requires a username and password. This means that a non-technical user is able to rapidly change, add or delete the content through the website – this requires very limit knowledge on how to build a website.

The same things that make a CMS great also provide a rather large security vulnerability that needs to be constantly patched as technologies develop and new malicious scripts appear. If a CMS isn’t updated regularly then the website might be compromised by intruders wishing to cause havoc by injecting advertisement, sending SPAM emails from your website or simply posting vulgar content.

A WordPress website would need to receive regular updates for three areas of itself:

  1. Core – The WordPress Core is fundamentally the CMS abilities or functionality such as the interface to make changes, the media gallery etc.
  2. Themes – Each WordPress website must have a theme in order to work. A theme is basically a list of files that informs WordPress core on how the website should look like, structured, what should be included.
  3. Plugins – Plugins are like tiny little scripts, snippets or programs that can be used throughout the website in order to add further styling or functionality (in most cases).

Infinite Network’s CMS Maintenance package performs weekly updates on your CMS. These updates include the CMS’s core updates and any available updates for plugins and themes. We perform regular backups and we always initiate a backup prior to any updates. This means that if something breaks then we can always return the website back to the way it was. Infinite Networks also regularly scans the CMS for any malicious code or injections into the website.

Website Firewall

We use a service known as WordFence which is a Web Application Firewall service and is configured to protect the website from common attacks such as Cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL Injections (to name a few). It also has the ability to audit user activity include lockout periods for bad credentials. We set up and configure the Web Application Firewall to integrate with the website, in order to protect it from common threats like DOS/DDOS Attacks, Cross-Site Scripting, and SQL Injections. We also configure the WAF to block and unnecessary country’s, track user activity and enable strong user authentication procedures such as user block outs.

Website Uptime Monitoring

We actively monitoring if the website is up but we also monitor if the website has crashed and we are directly notified when this occurs so that we can investigate with a rapid response. We have found this is important because often the first person to tell you that your website is down is a potential lead, customer or client which makes your actions reactive rather than a proactive.

Our CMS Maintenance Package is $99.00 per month based on a single website.

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