19 Apr

Our Network Upgrades Part 1

Data CentreOver the coming months, Infinite is undertaking a major refresh of all its equipment and infrastructure.

This includes expansion into Equinix Data Centres in Sydney to further enhance our connections between Sydney and Canberra so that one data centre can operate without the other in the event of an outage, thereby providing an efficient back up to keep our network up and running; and enhanced peering, which is where we connect directly to major cloud providers such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, resulting in a shorter, faster and more responsive path for our customers’ data and information.

Our approach to this project is to improve the performance, speed and reliability of our network for our customers through back-up systems that allow for maintenance of issues without disruption to our customers service. Our clients will experience dramatically improved connectivity, both domestically and internationally, as well as uptime, reliability and security. They’ll also be able to maximise the efficiency and utilisation of their current services and extend the functionality around private network solutions such as Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), as well as Cloud possibilities.

As part of our technical design, specialised Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities are being built from the ground up with some exciting possibilities available for any of our services to be customised through our client portal, allowing our clients to take control of their own link and prioritise the services or connections they need to work faster. Our clients will be able to leverage public Cloud providers for compute and storage while maintaining a flexible and secure network anywhere in Australia.

We are maintaining our exceptional performance and at the same time, implementing a fully diverse (redundant) 10Gbe network based on Cisco’s ASR platform for core and border routing. Infinite aggregates tier 1 networks, providing specialised and flexible solutions from multiple providers while simplifying all this into a single account and point of contact for your network communications.

This blog will be updated through a series of posts that are inline with each milestone of the project, describing our achievements and the outcomes for our clients.

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