24 Mar

Sprinting to Website Success

How do you successfully create and launch a new, modern website for a major financial services company? Is it great design, architecture or marketing?

Dixon Advisory Website desktop screen shotWhen Dixon Advisory decided to redevelop their website, they discovered it was all of the above and much more, all combining seamlessly that led to the successful launch of the new dixon.com.au.

The development of dixon.com.au brought together a diverse range of skills, suppliers and Dixon Advisory staff from Canberra and around Australia with the common goal of launching the best digital reflection of the Dixon Advisory brand. The new website embodies the professionalism and premium SMSF support services that Dixon Advisory are renowned for using cutting edge technology and enterprise solutions.

Now, if you’ve ever launched a new website, business or thought about rebranding, you’ll know that while it is an exciting time and great opportunity to update and refresh your image, it is also a very nerve-wracking time. And when we say time, we’re talking months of it. The Dixon Advisory team commenced working on their digital transformation project early, and while it incorporated many other elements, it also included a 5-month technical build from Infinite.

Dixon Advisory Website tablet screen shotNow we’re not here to give you a step-by-step guide to launching a website, and we’re sure you can wade through the numerous articles on what you should and shouldn’t do. Instead we’re offering some insights into how we work with other industry professionals.  And sprinting to success? Well, it’s no secret really; it just comes down to consultation, collaboration and communication.  Beneath a simple web application can lay a complex network of systems and technologies, and the best way to ensure a successful online presence is to get the best people working on their areas of expertise.

Dixon Advisory Website tablet mobile screen shotAt Infinite, we understand that just like there are an infinite number of website designs, there are many ways to build a website. We know how to build websites that work, and we dedicate a project manager to every web development project we take on. We use a combination of Agile Scrum and RDUF (Reasonable Design Up-Front) to keep our projects on track and sustainable. An agile project will have many releases, with the highest-priority features launching first. These releases are also know as sprints and accommodate changes in scope and requirements even late in development – crucial for a project as large as this one.

We used the agile method for the Dixon Advisory’s project as it allowed for flexibility, team collaboration and continuous improvement. For this project alone we consulted with 10 other industry and digital specialists as well as Dixon Advisory’s own internal marketing team. It was this collaboration with others and within our own team here in Canberra that contributed to the success of the project.

In this case, Infinite had the expertise that brought all the pieces of the project together, made them work and enabled Dixon Advisory’s vision to come to life and to ‘go-live’.

“Thank you and congratulations on the successful site launch. It went pretty seamlessly on our end and I am sure it is due to the hard work of your team. Thanks again for taking the reins and making this site to come to life.”

Michael Twohig | Digital Marketing Specialist, Dixon Advisory Website Project.

What we did…

  • Enterprise Drupal implementation and ongoing website support and maintenance
  • CRM and Form integration
  • Geo targeted content
  • Quality Drupal theme from technical HTML and CSS development
  • Managed hosted services
  • Implementation of Cloudflare, Content Deliver Network (CDN) to scale the site globally and provide advanced security
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