Cloud providers are usage based which means any advertised cost is based on minimum usage or none at all for certain features such as bandwidth. Infinite Networks servers are a fixed-costs month to month no matter so you can budget for the cost to your organisation.


Cloud Providers advertised base model servers and high performing servers are charged extra. Infinite Networks tells you what resources you are getting upfront and that’s what the server can use.

Extra Not Included

Basic services like backups and monitoring are not included in Cloud Providers advertise costings and they are charged extra on top of your usage cost. Infinite Networks fixed price Server Management includes extras like backups and monitoring.


Infinite Networks has local support which is a phone call or email away. Our Server Management has certain inherited support allowances. Cloud Providers charge per phone call, so it costs around $100.00 USD to just obtain a Phone Number to call someone overseas for assistance.

 Ok, so what are the benefits of Cloud Providers like AWS and Google Cloud?

They really come into their own when the website or application is serverless or built on true SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings. The pay as you go model then starts to become more cost-effective and more scalable than the more traditional environment.

Serverless technology is still relatively new and it doesn’t have backwards compatibility which means that converting an existing website or application to become serverless requires rewriting the application from the ground up.

SaaS is where the cloud provider manages the software and scalability for you. If you design and develop your website or application based on specific SaaS offerings you gain the advantage where you only pay for what you use. If you require a burst of performance this can be arranged very quickly and I’m some cases scripted to happen automatically.

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