19 May

Your business and the nbn

Business men discussing the nbnMost people are aware that the nbn is now rolling out across the country, but what you may not know is that businesses will not get switched over automatically.  Canberra businesses will need to switch over before they get switched off.

Services provided over the nbn will replace phone and Internet services running on most of the existing landline networks. This upgrade to our existing telecommunications infrastructure means businesses can expect faster and more reliable broadband, better Wi-Fi, e-commerce and cloud storage.

But, what it also means is other existing services, including alarm systems and EFTPOS machines, will be disconnected. So how do you get your business nbn ready?

Three key steps to getting your business ready for the nbn

  1. Check your business address
    Local Canberra businesses are already connecting to the nbn. Find out if the nbn is available at your business address. If you’ve already received your connection letter, you now need to arrange to switch over. It is a good idea to switch before your disconnection date.
    Some areas in Canberra already have the nbn connected.
  1. Choose your provider and plan
    When you are ready to connect, you must use a provider, like Infinite, to connect you to the nbn. Infinite can help you choose a plan and arrange installation ensuring minimal disruption to your business Internet services. Since the start of the rollout, we’ve connected many local Canberra businesses seamlessly and affordably, with our popular nbn plans.
  1. Check your equipment is compatible
    When the nbn is rolled out, most businesses will need to move to a new broadband plan and they will also need to check their existing equipment is compatible.  With Infinite, this is all part of our specialised broadband service.  We check that the technology you use and connect to best suits your needs and location.

It’s important to get your business ready for the nbn. With Infinite’s specialist plans and expert knowledge, we can support your business with the switch so you get all the benefits the nbn has to offer. Don’t leave it until the last minute. Contact us today or check out our website for details on our most popular nbn plans.

* nbn co limited (nbn) is a government business entity, the team behind the nbn rollout. 

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