Specialist Business Broadband

Infinite Networks is a specialist, business-only Internet Service Provider (ISP).

We restrict the number of domestic clients accessing our broadband plans so your business Internet access is fast and available.

We also know that every business has different needs. With our custom solutions we can provide cost and performance effective options with the latest hardware and local network engineers, for metro, regional or international connections.

We partner with most of the major providers leveraging all the latest technologies, all to benefit your business right here in Canberra.

Why choose us for business-ready Broadband?

  • Increased internet speed and connectivity, so no lost productivity.
  • Your own Private Network (for businesses with more than one location), increasing your IT security.
  • Network availability in the event of unplanned outages.
  • Personal service and access to local, expert IT support for an improved customer service experience.

nbn™ FTTH and FTTN

As the roll out of the nbn™ continues, you can choose a variety of plans to suit your business needs.


We manage our own network, meaning we can troubleshoot any problems quickly and easily – keeping you online.

Naked VDSL2

Specially designed for business and power users looking for fast speeds at the best value for money.


With quality access plans on TransACT’s network, you get speed, performance and Infinite local support.

Private Networks

Our MPLS offers a true private network allowing secure and stable multipoint connectivity.


Fibre Ethernet and Mid-band Ethernet. We select the best services and products from multiple carriers to ensure quality connectivity and uptime.

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