The nbn™ is Australia’s newest broadband network which is an upgrade to Australia’s existing telecommunications infrastructure with faster and more reliable broadband. The fibre-optic cable is being installed by nbn™ on behalf of the Australian Government. Below are some frequently asked questions from our business customers.

Q1. Is it compulsory for my business to switch over to nbn™?

Most of the copper network will be no longer be available sometime in the near future. This will make it compulsory for a Business to switch from the traditional copper network to nbn™. However, businesses that have VDSL available won’t be forced from ADSL to nbn™.

Q2 – Is it true that the nbn™ from all providers are the same?

On the surface all providers use the same technology, however, an important point of difference is that providers such as Infinite Networks don’t over subscribe their service like the other major brands – so it is a logical conclusion that Infinite Networks’ service is usually faster. Another important consideration is the level of customer service and response times. We have heard countless stories from our customers (who have come from other providers) stating that the main reason they have switched to us is the slow response time to their problems. At Infinite Networks we guarantee responsive and local Australian support so you will never speak to an overseas call centre.

Q3. What happens if I don’t switch over?
Around 18 months from the time that nbn™ is available at your address. The nbn™ Co will start a process known as the Copper Disconnections which if nothing occurs – the copper, line and Phone Number will no longer function.

Q4. What are the benefits of nbn™?
In comparison to traditional ADSL, every aspect of the technology – nbn™ is better than ADSL. But the two main benefits to nbn™ are the speed and the stability. Even for the less favourable nbn™ “Fibre To The Node”, the speed and stability are greatly increased, and benefits are further increased if you a lucky enough to have “Fibre To The Curb” or “Premise”.

Q5. Why should I change over to the nbn™?
It future proofs your phone and internet connection by removing it from a 1970’s technology to a Fibre Network technology.

Q6. Is the nbn™ more expensive than ADSL?
No, not in particular as both depends on criteria like how much data usage they would need. NBN™ comes in three different speeds (25/10, 50/20m 100/40) and usually a lower speed will be a cheaper plan.

Q7. How are my business phone lines impacted by the nbn™?
For now, they shouldn’t be affected because we are able to utilise a service called “Voice Continuity” during the provisioning process which tells technicians to not use the Phone Line (PSTN) as a conduit for the install and keep the original telephone functional.

Q8: Is there a link where I can check if the nbn™ is rolled out in my area?
Yes, you can use the Address check on the nbn™ website: https://www.nbn™

Wanting more information?

If you are wanting more information on the nbn™ or would like to talk to one of Infinite Network’s nbn™ specialists then please feel free to fill in the below form and a specialists will get in touch with you shortly.

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