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Cloudflare Management

Delivering a faster and safer application or website.

Cloudflare secures and ensures the reliability of your digital presence.

Cloudflare is a great auxiliary service for your website or application that packs a lot of punch and provides great value in the form of increasing your security, performance and reliability. Infinite Networks will build, implement and actively manage a Cloudflare solution for your website or application so you can get the most benefit from this leading technology.

Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra

How it works

As a Cloudflare Partner, Infinite Networks has vast experience with using utilising Cloudflare’s Security, Performance and reliability for anything connected to the internet. Cloudflare is a highly versatile service and can be used on anything from a small WordPress website up to Government Applications that generated huge traffic and high availability is a requirement.

Infinite Networks will analyse your current ecosystem and your priorities for it then design a Cloudflare solution that best suits your business’s priorities.

Setup and Monthly Costs

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Key benefits and features

  • Blocks DoS and DDoS Attacks.

  • Security through obscurity – Blocks real IP Address.

  • Web Application Firewall.

  • Active Bot Management

  • DNS changes are easily managed and faster.

  • SPAM Protection

  • Decreased Bandwidth used by leveraging caching.

  • Increased page performance through minification and HTTP/2.

Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Cloudflare work with custom applications?2021-09-01T00:05:47+10:00

Yes, Cloudflare will cache assets for 4 hours by default. This options is adjustable on all plans for Cloudflare.

The application will need to be developed to utilise Cloudflare’s API to initialise the purge cache call when screens or settings are updated within the application.

Can Cloudflare work with Drupal?2021-09-01T00:05:13+10:00

Yes, it is possible to have Cloudflare integrate with Cloudflare. There are a few modules that can be installed that allow for you to purge the cache on command.

Can Cloudflare integrate with WordPress?2021-09-01T00:04:09+10:00

Yes, and it is a great addition to your website.

Cloudflare has an official WordPress plugin that easily integrates with your Cloudflare account.

It also allows for Automatic Cache Management, this means that a request to purge the cache is sent to Cloudflare after each page or post is updated.

Does Cloudflare cost money?2021-09-01T00:02:47+10:00

Cloudflare offers four types of plans that range from free up to their Enterprise plan which requires a quote.

As you go up in the plans, you get additional functionality to improve security and performance. You also get additional Page Rules to make further exceptions outside the global settings.

Where are Cloudflare’s locations?2021-09-01T00:02:10+10:00

Cloudflare has a massive network that covers over 200 cities within 100 countries. You can check out their locations on:

We can also help with

Server Management

We offer management, maintenance and monitoring of your virtual server to ensure that it always has the latest security updates and its uptime is monitored closely within our Network Operating Centre.

Website hosting

Get your website and email hosted in a 100% Australian hosting environment with quality technical support, and optional weekly maintenance.

Virtual servers

Migrate your traditional servers onto our secure Virtual Server platform and successfully run your IT infrastructure in the Cloud.

Domain Names

Infinite Networks offers over 200 TLDs for your business to purchase. We also specialise in international TLDs so your business can secure their preferred domain for the global stage. Infinite Networks also has proven experience in mass domain transfers or consolidation projects.


We offer C-Location hosting so your business can do what it is great at. Your business won’t be required to managed its own infrastructure and you can leverage our team of experts.

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We are here to help your business thrive through technology.

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You are in good company

Here a few words from our customers.

“They solved a number of challenges for us in a very short amount of time”

Infinite has been a fantastic support to our business at A New Approach (ANA). They solved a number of challenges for us in a very short amount of time ahead of launching our new website, providing us with a secure and stable service and ensuring the transition was seamless. We have been incredibly grateful for the very responsive team at Infinite and thank them for their ongoing support.

Alexandra Nichols, the Director of Media and Communications of A New Approach

“Why I’m an Infinite Networks client, and why I tell other businesses about Infinite.”

Infinite Networks supported us as we deployed our Canberra and Brisbane teams remotely to work from home.  Our need to be operational before a Monday saw Infinite team members deliver critical devices to private addresses after hours on a weekend.

Ian Lindgren, Executive Chairman of the PayMe Group.

If you would like to read what some of our other customers have said about Infinite Network’s team and the services we offer. then jump on to what are clients are saying. 

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