Modern Business Fax service.

Bring the old into the new.

A new way of sending and recieving Faxes!

Our Cloud-based Fax to email services allows business to send and receive faxes without needing a physical line in place. This means that Canberra business can step away from analog phones systems and incorporate Digital phone system without worrying about losing their existing fax numbers.

Businesses don’t need to worry about maintaining physical fax machines or other equipment that come with traditional Fascmile. Incoming faces are simply received via email and outgoing faxes are sent the same way, saving your business time by staff not need to step away from their desk.

Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra

All the geeky tech specs

With a cloud-based Fax to Email service you get;

  • a dedicated number

  • Free Setup Cost ($0.00)

  • Inbound Faxes are free/included and unlimited.

  • Outbound faxes are $0.10 per page.

  • Monthly charge is only $15.00 Inc GST. 

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Get connected

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