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Better business internet with mobile broadband

Mobile broadband that a Canberra business can depend on. 

Dependable mobile broadband supported locally.

Infinite Networks mobile broadband is a perfect solution for a business on the go or packaged with existing broadband services within a Business Continuity Plan as a failover option. Our mobile support is located in Canberra so you will always speak to someone locally that will assist you when disaster strikes.

NBN internet from Infinite Networks
NBN internet from Infinite Networks
Infinite Networks - Committed
Infinite Networks - Committed

How it works.

Infinite Networks Mobile broadband solutions are tailored to your business’s needs or goals. The first step to a mobile broadband solution is having a conversation with our local mobile support so we can understand your business and provide a solution that just simply works.

Our friendly staff will determine if you are looking for a Mobile broadband solution as a business continuity option or your main source of connectivity within your business. After this, they discuss further options such as planned usage when using the connection, any hardware requirements and other crucial options such as mobile static IP addresses.

Setup and Monthly Costs

Solutions starting from as low as  $33.50 per month.

Key benefits and features

  • Local Australian based support

  • Tailor made Business continuity options.

  • Monitoring 24/7 of the solution within our Network Operations Centre.

  • Static IP option available.

  • Wide range of plans to suit your business’s requirements.

Infinite Networks - Committed
Infinite Networks - Committed

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Infinite Networks help me with a network solution that use a 4G Failover?2021-09-01T19:19:25+10:00

Absolutley, Infinite Networks has a lot of proven success in these solutions as it is something that we specialise in.

Who is the carrier that Infinite Networks uses for their Mobile Broadband?2021-09-01T19:18:08+10:00

We majorily use Optus as our Mobile Broadband carrier. However, we do have Telstra options.

What is the largest data plan that I can get from Infinite Networks for a 4G Mobile Broadband plan?2021-09-01T19:17:46+10:00

Our largest data plan has a 140 GB Data cap on it.

What router should I be using with the 4G Sim Card?2021-09-01T19:17:02+10:00

If you are using the 4G as a fallover option then Infinite Networks recommends using either the C1117-4PLTELA or NetComm NL1901ACV

What is the APN that that I should use with the 4G Sim Cards?2021-09-01T19:16:30+10:00

You will need to use the APN sins357 with our 4G Sim Cards.

Enquire now

We are here to help your business thrive through technology.

If you want a quote, or if you have a question, you can send us a message below or call us on 1300 790 337 between 8:30am – 5:00pm AEST on weekdays.

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