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Data centre connectivity

Getting connectivity between data centres can be challenging but Infinite can provide data centre interconnects in our POPs with excellent performance and reliability on our service provider network. Our DCI services that can propel your business to greater heights.

  • Superior Speed

    Experience ultra-fast data transfers and minimal latency, powering quicker decisions and operations

  • Flexible Scalability

    Our DCI solutions grow with you. Effortlessly scale to meet evolving data needs and stay ahead of the curve

  • Robust Security

    Fortified infrastructure, keeping your data safe and your connections dependable

  • Cost Efficiency

    Connect multiple data centres and centralise resources for substantial cost savings

Our POPs

  • TransACT House, Dickson ACT
  • NextDC C1, Bruce ACT
  • Equinix CA1, Mitchell ACT
  • Equinix SY4, Sydney NSW


  • 1Git, 10Gbit, 25Gbit interfaces
  • Single mode fibre
  • QinQ supported
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Discover the ease of connecting your infrastructure with our data centre interconnect (DCI) solutions at Infinite Networks. You will benefit from fast data transfers, robust security, flexible scalability to align with your growth, and cost-effective connectivity that combines efficiency with savings compared the big carriers.


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Data Centre Interconnect (DCI)

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