Infinite Networks aggregates various tier-1 carriers and enterprise networking technologies to offer our clients a unified and secure network experience, complete with flexible and diverse options. Our clients receive the benefit of a single, reliable network, consolidated billing, and a sole point of contact for support. Unlike many tier-1 carriers that limit you to their specific network technologies, we provide the best possible options for every location.

We operate our own multi-homed network solely designed to deliver first class Internet and MPLS solutions.

Infinite Networks' conceptual network diagram

Utilising our own IP ranges AS 38826, we manage our own BGP routing sessions with these providers, and maintain direct peering relationships with major companies like Google, Microsoft, AWS, and Cloudflare to optimise performance for the lowest latency. Our network architecture prioritises an excellent end-user experience by not only minimising the number of hops to major content providers but also incorporating built-in redundancy across all our operations.