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Unlock the full potential of the internet with Infinite Networks' IP Transit service. We are your dedicated gateway to the global internet, we connect your network with robust, high-capacity, and reliable connectivity. Our services are the perfect fit for MSPs, enterprises, and organisations that require quality bandwidth and seamless internet experience.

  • Data Centre Connectivity

    Unlock your IP ranges and/or colocation with our blended transit giving you high performance at a lower TCO

  • BYOD IP Addresses

    Multi-home your IP address space using BGP accessing our tier 1 back bones with one single provider for maximum flexibility

  • Domestic & International

    Gain access to Telstra and Vocus tier 1 domestic & international networks with robust domestic peering

  • Canberra POPs

    We deliver can deliver your IP transit in Canberra or Sydney while being hyper connected at the lowest latency possible

Our POPs

  • TransACT House, Dickson ACT
  • NextDC C1, Bruce ACT
  • Equinix SY4, Sydney NSW


  • AS38826
  • BGP as standard
  • 1Git, 10Gbit and Single mode fibre
  • IPv4/IPv6 Dual stack support
  • Native IPv6 network across all networks
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Our well-connected infrastructure, backed by strategic tier 1 carrier connectivity and peering agreements and connections to leading Internet Exchange Points, ensures your data is exchanged directly and efficiently, bypassing potential bottlenecks.


We’re not just a service provider; we’re your on-ramp to the limitless opportunities the internet has to offer.


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