Giving back is a demonstration of Infinite Networks core values

Supporting our local community

Artsound FM

Infinite Networks has supported Artsound FM and specifically its Senior Memories program for almost a decade. We provide NBN broadband connections and dedicated hosting so the service can continue streaming to Canberra and the surrounding region.

As a Canberra based community radio station, the fit seemed perfect as the streaming service and Infinite Networks shared a similar ethos and mission. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Artsound FM to provide era-specific music to the aged care community who otherwise have limited access to entertainment.

Aspen Medical Foundation

Infinite Networks has supported the Aspen Foundation for 5 years through web development assistance and maintenance.  The Aspen Foundation focusses its support on remote communities in Australia where Aspen Medical most frequently works.
Whilst many Australians have relatively easy access to healthcare and health education through the Government-funded Medicare system, this access is often limited for people living in remote and Indigenous communities.
Limited access directly contributes to the prevalence of key illnesses and disease in these remote communities. These illnesses and diseases are more similar to those seen in developing countries than in an Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nation like Australia and rarely if ever, seen in regional and metropolitan Australian environments.

Project Independence‚Äč

Infinite Networks has sponsored Project Independence for the last 3+ years by providing NBN broadband connections and Web Development. We plan to continue supporting this fabulous organisation. Project Independence is a social organisation working on housing developments for people with an intellectual disability in Canberra.

They are the first organisation in Australia where people with an intellectual disability can achieve ownership of a property through a unique financial model that utilises a component of their disability support pension.

In addition to building financial security, homeownership in this model means access to safe and suitable housing helping people achieve independence with choice and control of their living situation.

RSPCA Australia

Infinite Networks has supported RSPCA Australia during the Bushfire crisis in early 2020. Infinite Networks supports RSPCA Australia with a backup internet connection so that RSPCA Australia can continue serving the community even when a disaster occurs at their office.

RSPCA is a federal organisation that is a community-based and independent charity that provides animal care and protection services across the country. Their state-based societies in each state and territory perform important duties such as running animal rehoming shelters, investigating and persecuting animal cruelty complaints. They also educate the community on the responsibility of owning a pet and animal welfare.

Trident E-Sports

Infinite Networks is proudly supporting Trident E- Sports, an unstoppable presence in the realm of competitive gaming, through their unparalleled expertise and exceptional support. Infinite Networks recognizes the potential of Trident E-Sports and is committed to helping them reach new heights in their journey. Together, they are teaming up to completely transform the world of e-sports, delivering groundbreaking ideas and exhilarating experiences to fans across the globe.
Trident E-Sports has an outstanding team of passionate gamers who value working as a team and competing in at the highest levels in e-sports in Australia and around the world. Their passion drives them to go beyond limits in the gaming arena and beyond their achievements. They understand the importance of supporting their community, making a positive impact through initiatives that extend far beyond the gaming world.