Written by Anthony Bortolotto
May 29, 2024

How the 3CX System with Infinite Networks Can Help

In today’s business world, seamless communication with your clients is key. That’s where the 3CX Phone System, hosted and supported by Infinite Networks in Canberra, shines. It’s an innovative and cost-effective solution packed with advanced features like Microsoft Teams integration, all under a flat-rate billing structure for essential calls.

3CX: Redefining Business Communication in Canberra

3CX is a widely used software platform that has support globally through a partner network, education and certification meaning there is strong technical skills available if a third party is required in the event the 3CX partner providing support is not available. It works with diverse IP phones and SIP trunks, and you can choose to have it cloud-hosted or on premise, giving you ultimate flexibility. This adaptability makes it ideal for businesses of all sizes in Canberra seeking Phone System upgrades.

Infinite Networks: Your Local 3CX Expert

As a Canberra-based company with over 20 years experience, Infinite Networks knows the local business landscape and unique needs of Canberra businesses inside and out. Our expertise in high available hosting and supporting 3CX means you get the best quality service architected to your needs. No need to deal with distant call centres – just friendly, local and reliable support.

Key Benefits of 3CX with Infinite Networks:

  • Cost-Effective Call Pricing: 3CX charges based on simultaneous calls, not users, saving you money compared to traditional per-user systems. This scales well as your team grows.
  • Flat-Rate Monthly Billing: Infinite Networks offers a flat rate for local, national, and mobile calls, eliminating surprises and making budgeting a breeze.
  • Seamless Microsoft Teams Integration: Make and receive calls directly within Teams, streamlining workflow and keeping communication central.
  • Advanced Features: Go beyond basic calls with voicemail-to-email, fax-to-email, video conferencing, instant messaging, and presence info, all within one system.
  • Remote Work Ready: Stay connected anywhere with mobile apps and web conferencing. This flexible system is perfect for today’s hybrid work environment.
  • Local, On-Call Support: Get prompt and personalised assistance from Infinite Networks. They’re just a phone call or email away.
  • Manage Your System with Expert Backing: Have control over your system while knowing you have Infinite Networks’ professional support whenever needed.
  • Enhanced Security and Easy Integration: 3CX keeps your communication secure with automatic encryption and integrates seamlessly with existing business systems for a smooth, secure setup.

Invest in Future-Proof Communication

Choosing the 3CX system hosted by Infinite Networks is an investment in a flexible, feature-rich, and financially smart communication solution. Its unique call-based pricing, inclusive flat-rate billing, Microsoft Teams integration, and local expert support make it an unbeatable choice for Canberra businesses looking to refine their communication infrastructure and stay ahead in the dynamic commercial landscape.


Ready to elevate your communication? Contact Infinite Networks today and discover how 3CX can transform your business in Canberra.
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