CMS Maintenance

Drupal, renowned for its robustness and adaptability as a content management system, supports numerous websites globally. Nevertheless, ensuring Drupal’s optimal performance, security, and functionality demands regular maintenance.

Understanding Drupal CMS Maintenance:

Discover the power of Drupal CMS maintenance, ensuring your website's optimal performance and robust security.

  • Ensuring website security by addressing vulnerabilities promptly.

  • Keeping your site aligned with the latest web standards and technologies.

  • Boosting search engine visibility and ranking through optimized performance.

  • Enhancing website performance for an improved user experience.

  • Minimizing potential downtime and data loss incidents.

Essential Drupal CMS Maintenance Tasks:

  • Drupal Core Maintenance

    Keeping Drupal core updated ensures access to new features, bug fixes, and security patches.

  • Modules and Themes Management

    Regularly updating modules and themes enhances functionality, security, and compatibility.

  • Scheduled Website Backups

    Scheduled backups safeguard your website data against unforeseen incidents or data loss.

  • Security Monitoring

    Utilize security modules and tools to monitor for suspicious activities and mitigate risks.

  • Website Performance Enhancement

    Employ caching, image optimization, and code minification techniques to improve site speed.

CMS maintenance


  • Updates for Drupal Core, Theme and Modules.

  • Recurring Weekly Backups Retained for Three Weeks.

  • Proactive Monitoring and Critical Alerts.

  • Malware and Malicious Activity Scanning

  • Web Application Firewall

$ 199 /month

exclusive of GST


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