Vision Ultrafast in the ACT - Infinite Networks

Announcing speeds through Vision Networks in the ACT

We are nearing the completion of our testing for and vdsl2 technologies on Vision Networks (formerly the TransACT network).
Infinite Networks is excited to announce that we will be launching this service in Canberra, ACT in the upcoming weeks, with plans starting at
$79.95 per month.

What is is an innovation in broadband technology, utilising existing copper lines and nodes closer to your premises to achieve speeds as fast as traditional FTTP (Fibre To The Premises). This enables speeds up to 10 times faster than current available speeds on FTTN (Fibre To The Node).

What speeds will you be offering?

  • 50/20Mbit
  • 100/40Mbit
  • Up to 1000/100Mbit

Is this available to residential customers?

Infinite Networks primarily serves business & enterprise clients, we do support residential customers to our network.

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Ultrafast Broadband benefits

Plan inclusions

Expert local support

Our work isn’t just about tech specs, real people delivering real support who go beyond to make your Internet better.

Static IPv4 Address

Secure and manage your network effectively, a static IP address allows you to remotely manage the site more easily.

No lock in contracts

Flexibility to change between speeds as you need to scale your business up and down as required. Manage this through our portal to do this as you please.

Native IPv6 address range

Connect to websites and services on the latest IP address spacing to future proof your business.

Higher upload speeds up to 100Mbit

Upload your files to cloud storage faster and a better experience better video conferencing on apps such as Onedrive, Google Drive, Teams and Zoom.

Unlimited transfer limits

No transfer limits or bandwidth shaping meaning a simple fixed cost per month and no surprises to ensure your connection is work at its maximum.