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Better web applications for your business

Drive your business forward with innovative application development.

We build powerful apps & websites

For the past 19 years we have been helping our clients deliver outcomes as part of their offering by creating bespoke applications and websites.

We take and innovative, iterative approach to application design so that we can rapidly develop and deploy the application that your business needs.

Everything is managed and developed locally by our dedicated development team. So, you can rest assured that you get the attention and results that you want.

Our unique and flexible approach to development means your solution will go live fast and updates can be applied rapidly.

What we do

We have demonstrated experience in taking clients idea’s and matching them with proven technologies to deliver successful outcomes.

There is a lot of great cloud based and commercial off the shelf systems for software but more often than not it is missing that last 10-20% of functionality you’re looking for.

We have built applications for ASX Listed companies, Government Departments and Small to Medium organisations delivering a bespoke solution that has delivered the outcomes for our clients to grow and succeed in their industry’s. This includes design, development, maintenance and ongoing support.

Most modern websites need to perform a variety of business functions. We can develop an application using modern architecture solutions, database design and API integration to suit any business requirement that sits along side your website.

We endeavour to integrate into your business management systems, such as Salesforce, SAP and Oracle using APIs or can develop a custom API to connect directly into an SQL database(s).

Infinite Canberra
Infinite Canberra
Get a quote from Infinite Networks
Get a quote from Infinite Networks

Our work

  • Rhino Project File Management system (Bespoke high availability application)
  • GP lead Commonwealth Respiratory Clinics application (Bespoke high availability application)
  • Department of Health Covid-19 Training portal (Bespoke high availability application)
  • Appeze Whitegoods Management Platform (Bespoke application)
  • Online Appliance Spares (Bespoke high performance e-commerce site)
  • Khandu Couriers Business Management System (Bespoke application)
  • Porsche Insurance Portal (Application modifications and security improvements)
  • E&P Financial Group (Application support and maintenance)
  • Aspen Medical Website (Drupal recruitment based forms)
  • Remote Area Health Corps Website (Drupal recruitment based forms)
  • Rural LAP Website (Drupal recruitment based forms)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Infinite Networks create integrations between two existing applications?2021-09-13T09:51:31+10:00

Yes, We have built several integrations between two or multiple applications/systems. The outcomes of these always benefited the business because they were able to have an end-to-end workflow or ecosystem.

Does Infinite Networks build APIs for an existing Application?2021-09-13T10:53:44+10:00

Yes, there is a discovery stage where we explore what is possible, authentication for the API and also discuss what calls will be made open.

Does these packages include Project Management?2021-09-13T10:52:19+10:00

Yes, Each Application is considered a Project and utilises Infinite Networks internal Project Management service. This includes Project communication and documentation.

What PHP Framework do you use?2021-09-13T09:49:34+10:00

We develop our PHP applications using the very well supported Symfony PHP framework.

What programming languages do does Infinite Networks work with?2021-09-13T09:48:16+10:00

We write our applications in PHP with a MySQL Backend for the majority of our projects.. However, we have also written languages within a stack that include Javascript.

We can also help with

Application Maintenance

No application is the same as each application is built differently. They have different vendors, dependencies and functionality. This is why Infinite Networks Maintenance Packages are custom built for the application and business.

Virtual Server Hosting

Migrate your traditional servers onto our secure Virtual Server platform and successfully run your IT infrastructure in the Cloud.

Enquire now

We are here to help your business thrive through technology.

If you want a quote, or if you have a question, you can send us a message below or call us on 1300 790 337 between 8:30am – 5:00pm AEST on weekdays.

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