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Better maintenance for your Business’s web applications.

Ensure the stability and security of your Business’s critical systems

Keeping your applications up to date.

Application maintenance is the focus of upgrading an application to ensure it remains productive and remains a business asset over the long term. Without regular maintenance, an application tends to be storing a large list of hidden problems. These problems then become critical down the track when a bad actor attempts to hack the application or when daily functionality stops altogether.

The only way to then fix the application is with a complete overhaul or redevelopment. Just like visiting your doctor regularly, maintenance can save your business from major surgery in the future.

Infinite Canberra
Infinite Canberra

How it works.

No application is the same as each application is built differently. They have different vendors, dependencies and functionality. This is why Infinite Networks Maintenance Packages are custom built for the application and business.

Infinite Networks requires access to your applications infrastructure or codebase to evaluate its current state and version(s). After the evaluation, we will provide an estimate on how many hours of maintenance the application requires each month along with a roadmap of known changes required at the time.

These changes could be the conversion of the codebase away from deprecated code or preparing it for a major vendor version update.

Key features and benefits

Although each maintenance package is custom designed, we still include the below components in each maintenance package;

  • We establish and increasing functional test coverage throughout the application.

  • Updating the coding language to ensure that it is compatible with the new major version of it.

  • Updating and Maintenance any library dependencies.

  • Deploying any critical security updates from vendors within 24 hours of patch release.

  • Installing and testing non-security related updates from vendors to the application.

  • Refactoring the application away from deprecated code.

  • Optimising code styling to increase performance and stability.

Infinite Canberra
Infinite Canberra

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this service include a staging environment?2021-09-13T10:19:41+10:00

No, the hosting of the staging environment and deployment tools to include the environment are not included. They can be provided by Infinite Networks as apart of the Dedicated Hosting service.

Does this service include monitoring?2021-09-13T10:19:09+10:00

Yes, it includes the monitoring of a;

  • A string check to capture any on-screen major errors.
  • A down alert or unresponsive ping.
  • SSL/TLS Certificate expiration.
  • Changes to the nameservers of the application’s domain.
Does this service include Test Coverage?2021-09-13T10:17:24+10:00

Yes, we prioritise security and functionality within the allocated hours. However, if they is no changes or updates required for those then we will work on extending the unit test coverage of the application with the allotted hours.

Does this service include a backup of the codebase?2021-09-13T10:16:56+10:00

Yes, the codebase is held within a repository on a Private Github Account. The Repositiory has backups of each version change. Any approve authorise user from the client can have access to the codebase.

Alternatively, the codebase can sit with the Client’s Github account and Infinite Networks has access to it.

Does this include updating the application to use the latest versions of PHP or mySQL?2021-09-13T10:16:23+10:00

The Application Maintenance includes ensure the application is compatible with minor updates to PHP. Example: 7.4.2 > 7.4.3.

However, because Infinite Networks can’t guarantee the difference between major versions of PHP – These are not included in the Application Maintenance.

Infinite Networks will provide an estimate on updating the codebase prior to the new PHP version become end of life.

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