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Better websites for your business

Get a website that attracts, engages, and converts visitors so your business thrives.

Make your website work for you

Your website is your number one online asset. It’s more important than Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube.

Unfortunately, most businesses do websites badly.

We create websites that work. Right from the start, we help you determine what you website’s job is and how we can make it deliver what your business needs.

To build a great website, you need more than a great design, you need a team that really understands you and your business.

Do you need a domain?

www. .com /

Do you need a domain?


.com /

The Infinite difference

At Infinite, we aim to create business value in every project we deliver. We assign a dedicated project manager to every web development project and follow industry-leading project management and software development methodologies.

This means that from the very beginning, all our project managers have a clear vision of your end goal and what success means for your project. It also means we have a mutual understanding of the scope, schedule and project costs.

Our team are experienced in a number of web development methodologies including PMBOK, Prince2, Agile Scrum and Agile XP, so we can tailor our approach to suit your needs.

While our approach is generally a combination of Agile Scrum and RDUF (Reasonable Design Up-Front), all our projects deliver:

  • Exception and issues management throughout the project

  • Risk and quality assessment so that the solution delivered is fit for purpose

  • Regular reporting and feedback to keep the project on track whilst providing the agility to accommodate changing requirements

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Integrations do these packages include?2021-09-13T11:13:53+10:00

    Infinite Networks launches the website with the complete integration between Google Analytics, Google Webmaster including a sitemap.xml submission.

    Do your packages come with an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) service?2021-09-13T11:13:13+10:00

    No, Infinite Networks launches new websites using industry best practices for a website’s on-site Search Engine Optimisation.

    Infinite networks don’t offer OffPage SEO or services related to it.

    Have you worked with eCommerce Platforms before?2021-09-13T11:11:59+10:00

    Yes, Infinite Networks has had success in creating eCommerce solutions or addons for Corporate websites.

    Do you develop and design the websites?2021-09-13T11:11:03+10:00

    Yes, If the required design is simple and to the point then Infinite Networks is able to design the website using best practices.

    If the design needed requires more complexity behind it then Infinite Networks partners with known successful Canberra designers to package a website design and development together.

    What framework do you build websites in?2021-09-13T11:10:07+10:00

    Our websites are built for purpose. This means the solution that we provide is based on the businesses requirements.

    We have built websites in HTML and PHP.

    We have used Content Management Systems like;

    • WordPress
    • Drupal


    We can also help with

    Website Maintenance

    The best way to mitigate the chances of your website being hacked or compromised is by keeping the website up to date. Our CMS Maintenance service provides this service along with Proactive Monitoring and a suite of performance and security tools.

    View CMS Maintenance

    Website Hosting

    Infinite Networks offers fast and reliable website hosting that is supported by our local team of experts that are only one phone call away.

    About Web Hosting

    Application Maintenance

    No application is the same as each application is built differently. They have different vendors, dependencies and functionality. This is why Infinite Networks Maintenance Packages are custom built for the application and business.

    About Web Application Maintenance

    Application Development

    Our Application Development is based on creating a solution for your business’s current challenges. This means the applications are fit for purpose and are able to provide successful functionality.

    About Application Development

    Repair Hacked Websites

    When disaster strikes and your website gets hacked – Infinite Networks is able to assist your business with the removal of any malicious code from the website. We will also do our best effort to provide you a root case of how the attack took place.

    Learn More About Website Repair

    Virtual Server Hosting

    Migrate your traditional servers onto our secure Virtual Server platform and successfully run your IT infrastructure in the Cloud.

    More About Virtual Server Hosting

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