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The complete website maintenance service

Rest easy knowing your website is up-to-date, backed-up, and monitored 24×7.

Get peace of mind

Your website is your most important marketing asset on the internet. It’s important that it’s up and running at all times.

We make sure that your website is professionally maintained and monitored so that you don’t have to worry about it.

We take care of WordPress and Drupal sites using the best tools available and we always have a real person right there making sure everything is working properly.

How it works

We run an initial test on your site to determine any actual or potential issues, and then provide you will a report on any action to be taken.

Ongoing, we check your site weekly, keeping everything up-to-date, and fixing errors and bugs.

We always take back-ups so we can revert to a working website if anything ever goes wrong.

This service includes:

  • Security checking for bugs and errors

  • Malware scanning

  • Hacking prevention

  • Troubleshooting

  • Daily back-ups
  • Checking and upgrading plugins

  • Up-time monitoring

Contact us today to get more info. Packages start at $99/month.

Infinite Networks Canberra
Infinite Networks Canberra
Infinite Networks Canberra - Business solutions
Infinite Networks Canberra - Business solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How regularly are the scans performed and are is the scan times configurable?2021-08-30T17:26:29+10:00

We schedule in a scan once a week and it’s usually in the early hours of the morning. The scans are intensive so we stagger them across different time if clients are on the same shared server. The scans are configurable but we use a custom scan that is in between the recommend scan and a highly sensitive scan.

Are you scanning inside the databases for malicious content (redirectors, comment spam, etc) as well as the php files?2021-08-30T16:44:49+10:00

Yes – The Web Application Firewall performs this task automatically.

What actions are taken when malicious content is found?2021-08-30T17:26:58+10:00

We definitely conduct an investigation into the malicious activity to find out what has happened. The next steps would depend on what has occurred or been infected – the steps below are some examples of what we do (but not limited to);

  1. If we can safely turn off a feature (plugin etc) and fix the issue then we will do so.
  2. If we can determine that the problem has happened recently then we can restore a previous clean version of the website.
  3.  If we can simply remove the code from the website so that the website isn’t infected then we will do so then proceed with creating a permanent fix for the website.
If (for example) a php shell exploit is detected, are there any checks to see if the database has been remotely accessed/copied?2021-08-30T17:27:12+10:00

There is no way to tell how a PHP shell has been used. If we found one then we would say that mandatory breach notifications apply.

Does the service rely on the WAF’s ability to auto clean up and notify or is there an actual person reviewing and deciding how to clean up?2021-08-30T17:27:38+10:00

There is always a real person reviewing it. The pro notifications are the same as the free notifications. The advantages of Wordfence Pro are the ability to schedule scans, and an up-to-date firewall that stops known attacks before they ever reach WordPress.

Can you give us more information about the backup regime and how it works?2021-08-30T16:42:15+10:00

Snapshots are taken every morning (early hours). Daily snapshots are retained for 10 days and Monthly snapshots are retained for 6 months.

What do I do after my website has been restored?2021-08-30T16:31:20+10:00

As your website has been a victim of an attack. It is highly likely that malicious actors will try again. It is very important that you continue to maintain the website in terms of its security.

If you require assist with this then check out our Website Maintenance service.

Does the CMS Maintenance include PHP updates?2021-08-30T14:34:46+10:00

If your website is hosted with Infinite Network. We can change the PHP Version to a supported version.

However, if you website isn’t compatible with that PHP version then it will be rolled back.

Infinite Networks can provide you with an estimate to redevelop your website so it is able to use the latest PHP version.

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