Co-location hosting for your business

Lower risk and greater security for your networking infrastructure.

No more stress about your network

Co-location hosting takes a big load off your business. No longer do you have to manage your own networking infrastructure and employ your own team of experts.

We manage your network infrastructure in our secure, climate controlled Data Centre in TransACT House, Canberra. The facility is optimised with redundant power feeds, backup UPS and generator power, as well as a VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Agent) fire detection to ensure you stay online.

We take care of your network so you can take care of your business.

All the geeky tech specs

We can help manage your network infrastructure by co-locating your hardware resources, this means we can provide a secure location and ongoing maintenance and share the load.

  • Multi-homed IPv4 & IPv6 connectivity

  • Dedicated subnet

  • Redundant power feeds

  • Redundant physical connectivity

  • Fibre capable

  • Managed Firewall options

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can our services at different datacentres be linked to act as a single server cluster?2022-02-23T16:21:23+11:00

Yes this is possible but will require a monthly service charge. Contact one of our support agents for more details.

How long does it take to make changes at the datacentre?2022-07-14T11:24:35+10:00

Software changes can be done fairly quickly. Usually within 48 hours. Hardware changes can often take several weeks to organise. This is due to precautionary checks being done to insure the changes won’t affect other clients.

How secure are your facilities?2022-02-23T16:45:51+11:00

All data centre facilities require key-cards and bio-metrics to access and are patrolled 24/7 by security guards. In addition to this the grounds of the data centre are also secured.

Can we arrange access for techs to work on our server?2021-10-08T14:14:02+11:00

Both one off and long term access can be arranged for techs needing to service and install gear.

Which locations are available?2021-10-08T14:05:44+11:00

We have datacentre space available in Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne.

We can also help with

Server Management

We offer management, maintenance and monitoring of your virtual server to ensure that it always has the latest security updates and its uptime is monitored closely within our Network Operating Centre.

More On Server Management

Website hosting

Get your website and email hosted in a 100% Australian hosting environment with quality technical support, and optional weekly maintenance.

Interested in Web Hosting?

Virtual servers

Migrate your traditional servers onto our secure Virtual Server platform and successfully run your IT infrastructure in the Cloud.

Check out our Virtual Server Plans

Cloudflare / Content Delivery Network

Cloudflare provides a website or application with further security, reliability and performance when implemented by experts. Infinite Networks has years of experience with optimising and implement Cloudflare solutions for businesses across Australia.

Looking for a CDN?

Domain Names

Infinite Networks offers over 200 TLDs for your business to purchase. We also specialise in international TLDs so your business can secure their preferred domain for the global stage. Infinite Networks also has proven experience in mass domain transfers or consolidation projects.

Need a Domain Name?

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Get connected

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You are in good company

Here a few words from our customers.

“They solved a number of challenges for us in a very short amount of time”

Infinite has been a fantastic support to our business at A New Approach (ANA). They solved a number of challenges for us in a very short amount of time ahead of launching our new website, providing us with a secure and stable service and ensuring the transition was seamless. We have been incredibly grateful for the very responsive team at Infinite and thank them for their ongoing support.

Alexandra Nichols, the Director of Media and Communications of A New Approach

“Why I’m an Infinite Networks client, and why I tell other businesses about Infinite.”

Infinite Networks supported us as we deployed our Canberra and Brisbane teams remotely to work from home.  Our need to be operational before a Monday saw Infinite team members deliver critical devices to private addresses after hours on a weekend.

Ian Lindgren, Executive Chairman of the PayMe Group.

If you would like to read what some of our other customers have said about Infinite Network’s team and the services we offer. then jump on to what are clients are saying. 

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