Co-location hosting for your business

Lower risk and greater security for your networking infrastructure.

No more stress about your network

Co-location hosting takes a big load off your business. No longer do you have to manage your own networking infrastructure and employ your own team of experts.

We manage your network infrastructure in our secure, climate controlled Data Centre in TransACT House, Canberra. The facility is optimised with redundant power feeds, backup UPS and generator power, as well as a VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Agent) fire detection to ensure you stay online.

We take care of your network so you can take care of your business.

All the geeky tech specs

We can help manage your network infrastructure by co-locating your hardware resources, this means we can provide a secure location and ongoing maintenance and share the load.

  • Multi-homed IPv4 & IPv6 connectivity

  • Dedicated subnet

  • Redundant power feeds

  • Redundant physical connectivity

  • Fibre capable

  • Managed Firewall options

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