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Better Domain registration

Simple, Professional and reliable Domain registration for your business.

Canberra's best web hosting provider - Infinite Networks
Canberra's best web hosting provider - Infinite Networks

Professional Domain Registration.

Infinite Networks provides local expert support for your business’s domain registration and renewals. Our expert team is able to help you purchase over 100 different Top Level Domains (TLDs) for your business.  We can provide a large variety of different country top-level domains including trustee services. This means that your business can secure global domains for current or future expansion.

Canberra's best web hosting provider - Infinite Networks

The Infinite difference

  • Fast and local support to assist you with your existing or new domains.

  • A Domain portal to make changes to domain settings rapidly.

  • A huge range of top-level domains can be purchased.

Infinite Networks - Experienced Hosting Providers
Infinite Networks - Experienced Hosting Providers

Country Code Top Level Domains (ccTLDs)

TLD Country TLD Country TLD Country
.AU Australia .DE Germany .PH Philippines
.MY Malaysia .TO Tonga .JP Japan
.LA Laos .HK Hong Kong .CN China
.KR South Korea .CR Costa Rica .IE Ireland
.IT Italy .GR Greece .ES Spain
.JP Japan .CH Switzerland .US United States of America
.WS Samoa .FR France .NZ New Zealand
.VN Vietnam .CA Canada .UK United Kingdom
.US United States of America .SI Slovenia .CO Colombia
.IO Indian Ocean .BY Belarus .ASIA Asia
.UA Ukraine .FI Finland
.IN India .BE Belgium
.IE Ireland .AT Austria
.TW Taiwan .AS America Samoa
.EC Ecuador .EU European Union
.ID Indonesia .SE Sweden
.TV Tuvalu .AE United Arab Emirates
.DK Denmark .SG Singapore
.HU Hungary .LA Laos
.HR Croatia .TH Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions

Who or what is ICANN?2021-08-30T16:18:04+10:00

The ICANN organisation is the governing body or co-ordinators of all domains and IP Address across the internet.

Who it what is AUDA?2021-08-30T16:17:25+10:00

The auDA organisation (.au Domain Authority) is the governing body for all .au Domains.

You may see their nameor be referenced when transferring a .au Domain.

What is Domain Privacy?2021-08-30T15:35:34+10:00

Domain Privacy is an additional service that can be purchased. It hides your contact details from displaying when a WHOIS lookup is performed on the domain. It can only be used on certain TLDs such as .com and .net.

Can I hide my WHOIS Details on my domain?2021-08-30T14:34:07+10:00

Yes, Top Level Domains such as .com and .net allow for the WHOIS details to be hidden from WHOIS database.

This is completed by signing up for Domain Privacy with Infinite Networks.

Domains that require some sort of verified eligibility (example won’t allow you to hide their WHOIS details.

What is a Domain Trustee Service?2021-08-30T14:33:35+10:00

Some Country Top Level Domains require a presence within their sovernity. A Domain Trustee Service allows your business to register a domain using the trustee details such as their office address.

Infinite Networks is able to provide a domain trustee service as an addon service for your business.

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Infinite has been a fantastic support to our business at A New Approach (ANA). They solved a number of challenges for us in a very short amount of time ahead of launching our new website, providing us with a secure and stable service and ensuring the transition was seamless. We have been incredibly grateful for the very responsive team at Infinite and thank them for their ongoing support.

Alexandra Nichols, the Director of Media and Communications of A New Approach

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Infinite Networks supported us as we deployed our Canberra and Brisbane teams remotely to work from home.  Our need to be operational before a Monday saw Infinite team members deliver critical devices to private addresses after hours on a weekend.

Ian Lindgren, Executive Chairman of the PayMe Group.

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