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Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra

Infinite networking options, amazing local support

As a specialist internet provider, we can provide your business with a true MPLS private network nation-wide using our multi-carrier services.

Our Private Network leverages the Ethernet and Business DSL coverage of third party providers, giving our customers greater coverage and cost effectiveness by avoiding a single provider.

These services are available within and between Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth, as well as regional areas within these metro centres.

Using Cisco Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology, a Private Network also allows traffic to move directly from one office to another without having to travel through one connection (such as a head office) and without requiring VPN connections at every office site. This increases the efficiency and security of your network as no traffic travels over the Internet.

You get:

  • Access to highly experienced local support and monitoring

  • Fast and reliable network performance and connectivity

  • Secure, scalable and cost-effective

  • Multiple payment options and customised billing

Infinite Networks - Canberra

All the geeky tech specs

A National Layer 2 Private LAN Service provides secure, scalable and cost-effective multipoint connectivity between geographically dispersed sites within mainland Australia using EFM, ADSL and nbn™ connections. This makes it a fully meshed, any-to-any connectivity.

  • Cisco MPLS powered Network

  • Self-managed Internet Gateway/Firewall

  • Unmetered traffic between your offices

  • Low contention ratios

Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Get a quote
Infinite Networks - Get a quote

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