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Dedicated fibre internet connections from your specialist business ISP.

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Business Fibre
Fibre 1000/400

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Fibre Internet means fast Internet

Fibre Internet uses fibre optic cables to connect your business to the Internet. This is a high quality, high speed, high performance connection meaning your business gets better business Internet.

You get extreme speeds with a symmetrical service where your upload speed is the same as your download speed.

The low latency of fibre connections also means minimal delay in transmitting data.

We can help you get the right fibre Internet connection for your business.

Infinite Networks Fibre Internet
Infinite Networks Fibre Internet
Infinite Networks Commitments
Infinite Networks Commitments

Our commitments

  • Premium 1:1 contention meaning the service is not shared with any other users so you get maximum speeds.

  • Internet services that are fit-for-purpose, reliable, and require minimal, if any, management by your staff.

  • Low latency and less hops to Cloud Providers to improve your user’s experience.

  • Business Fibre Internet comes with Service Level Agreements (SLAs) covering performance and service restoration.

  • You’ll receive local support from experts just down the road.

What’s what?

Unsure which fibre internet option is right for your business?
Let us break it down for you.

Business Fibre

We aggregate the best services and products from the top Tier 1 Networks. This allows us to deliver enterprise-grade communication services to your business.

We organise your installation and work closely with suppliers to ensure a smooth, seamless broadband experience.

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Fibre1000 and Fibre400 are high-speed, cost-effective Internet services that are available in buildings connected to the TPG network.

This service has symmetrical speeds, comes with our business-grade support, and a 1:1 contention ratio.

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