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nbn™ Internet

Business focused nbn™

We can connect your business to Australia’s fastest Internet with dedicated business plans.

Our focus is all about providing the best Internet connections to Australian businesses like yours.

Our support team is based in Australia and will work with you to get you connected right, first time. No waiting on hold for ages. We treat you like a person not a number.

NBN internet from Infinite Networks
NBN internet from Infinite Networks
Infinite Networks - Committed
Infinite Networks - Committed

Our commitments

  • 100% Australian! Responsive and local Australian support so you will never speak to an overseas call centre.

  • We don’t oversubscribe! So you get Better Speed, Better Service.

  • We are a Business focused ISP so you know your will business will be looked after. No slow downs at 3pm when kids get home and jump online.

  • Fast domestic and international networks for the best experience possible.

Infinite nbn™ packages

We give you the flexibility to build that nbn™ package that’s right for your business.

Speed options


From $7995monthly
  • Perfect for 5-8 users
  • 300GB or Unlimited monthly transfers
  • Static IPv4 Address
  • 12 month contract
  • Expert Local Support
  • Native IPv6 support
  • All nbn POIs


From $9995monthly
  • Perfect for 8-15 users
  • 500GB or Unlimited monthly transfers
  • Static IPv4 Address
  • 12 month contract
  • Expert Local Support
  • Native IPv6 support
  • All nbn POIs


  • Perfect for 15-30 users
  • Unlimited monthly transfers
  • Static IPv4 Address
  • 12 month contract
  • Expert Local Support
  • Native IPv6 support
  • All nbn POIs


  • Perfect for 30-50 users
  • Unlimited monthly transfers
  • Static IPv4 Address
  • 12 month contract
  • Expert Local Support
  • Native IPv6 support
  • 9CVI & 9QBN POIs only*


  • Perfect for 50-100 users
  • Unlimited monthly transfers
  • Static IPv4 Address
  • 12 month contract
  • Expert Local Support
  • Native IPv6 support
  • 9CVI & 9QBN POIs only*

* 500/200Mb and 1000/400Mb speeds only available from Civic and Queanbeyan nbn Point of Interconnects

Infinite Networks
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Luke KennedyLuke Kennedy
04:53 03 Mar 23
Internet companies can be difficult sometimes. But Sheryll jumped on our case and now that contact has been made she is quick to answer any questions.
Richard NollerRichard Noller
02:00 28 Feb 23
Simon provided fantastic service throughout the entire process - from arranging the site inspection from NBN all through to the final installation and completion of the setup.
D SuttonD Sutton
01:43 23 Jan 23
Professional, fast, easy to contact. And a local business with local contacts! They made the complicated process of moving away from a big provider we had issues with, and onto the NBN, easy and headache free. Would highly recommend their services to any small business like ours.
Amrit ShresthaAmrit Shrestha
20:58 13 Dec 22
I have been mostly in touch with Simon from Infinite Networks for my office related Phones and Internet issues and i always found him helpful with my queries. Thank you Simon and team. I hope you continue the good work forever👍
Scott FrancisScott Francis
09:56 12 Dec 22
Infinite networks go above and beyond for all their customers. Friendly and helpful staff with expert knowledge who are able to to provide effective solutions for even the most complex problems.
Chris JohnsonChris Johnson
03:29 25 Nov 22
Infinite Networks has been our ISP for more than 7 years and we have always appreciated their support. In particular, Sheryll helped us transfer from VDSL to NBN without suffering any significant drop-out despite a very short notice advice from VDSL host.
Tuggeranong HomesteadTuggeranong Homestead
01:06 24 Aug 22
Thank you infinite for acting so promptly with reinstalling our website, your efforts are very much appreciated. The customer service was friendly and very professional and I appreciate you nominating another plan better suited to my business needs. Thanks Simon
James CoateJames Coate
07:03 22 Aug 22
Luke provides an excellent service, is prompt and professional. Very easy to deal with along with the rest of the team.
Jodie KirknessJodie Kirkness
02:03 11 Aug 22
Infinite Networks were a pleasure to deal with. Highly responsive and flexible. Particular thanks to Swati for making such a difficult process run smoothly!
John HowarthJohn Howarth
06:10 27 Jul 22
Highly professional, responsive and friendly service from Simon Dimes. I have found all staff at Infinite to be great - a refreshing change from having to deal with often unresponsive and unhelpful overseas call centres. Very happy with this Canberra business.
Thu Huong Le-RobertsThu Huong Le-Roberts
03:31 13 Jul 22
Very happy with Infinite. They are very helpful and thorough with their services during our office move - always checking in with us and directly with our IT personnel to ensure the work progress. Their staff, Sheryll Manuntag in particular, are so patient, helpful and proactive. Thank you!
Nathan SmithNathan Smith
00:35 13 Jul 22
The team at Infinity Network (Sheryll) provided great service and followed up to ensure everything was working normally after the job was completed.
Avik chandAvik chand
02:16 03 Apr 22
I'd like to just say, I have received exceptional customer service and information update. Despite it being a weekend and after hours for customer support, I've relieved exceptional update and communication by Luke Beard, who went above and beyond in assisting me and keeping me updated with the issues. Thank you again Luke!, I would definitely recommend friends and family to you.

Phone line options

No thanks

That’s cool, you don’t have to.

Lite ($11/month)

Call charges apply. See our rate card.

Unlimited ($44/month)

Local, national, and international calls included.



We recommend the NetComm NF18ACV. We can send you an NF18ACV for $165 including delivery, pre-configured so all you need to do is plug it in.


We recommend the Grandstream GXP1628. We can send you a Grandstream GXP1628 for $120 including delivery, pre-configured so all you need to do is plug it in.

No small print (there’s nothing to hide)

  • 12 month contract on all plans.
  • Static IPv4 address.
  • Native IPv6 range by default.
  • Expert Local Support is standard.
  • 300Gb and 500Gb plans are shaped to 10/10 Mbps when over quota.

You can find product info, policies and agreements in our Important Documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of router do you use for fibre and managed services?2022-07-14T11:53:21+10:00

Cisco routers are our preferred hardware vendor for fibre and managed services.

How are my business phone lines impacted by the nbn™?2021-08-30T14:22:25+10:00

Yes, you can use the Address check on the nbn™ website: https://www.nbn™co.com.au/connect-home-or-business/check-your-address

How are my business phone lines impacted by the nbn™?2021-08-30T14:19:45+10:00

For now, they shouldn’t be affected because we are able to utilise a service called “Voice Continuity” during the provisioning process which tells technicians to not use the Phone Line (PSTN) as a conduit for the install and keep the original telephone functional.

Is the nbn™ more expensive than ADSL?2021-08-30T14:19:21+10:00

No, not in particular as both depends on criteria like how much data usage they would need. NBN™ comes in three different speeds (25/10, 50/20m 100/40) and usually a lower speed will be a cheaper plan.

Why should I change over to the nbn™?2021-08-30T14:18:58+10:00

It future proofs your phone and internet connection by removing it from a 1970’s technology to a Fibre Network technology.

What are the benefits of nbn™?2021-08-30T14:18:27+10:00

In comparison to traditional ADSL, every aspect of the technology – nbn™ is better than ADSL. But the two main benefits to nbn™ are the speed and the stability. Even for the less favourable nbn™ “Fibre To The Node”, the speed and stability are greatly increased, and benefits are further increased if you a lucky enough to have “Fibre To The Curb” or “Premise”.

What happens if I don’t switch over?2021-08-30T14:17:45+10:00

Around 18 months from the time that nbn™ is available at your address. The nbn™ Co will start a process known as the Copper Disconnections which if nothing occurs – the copper, line and Phone Number will no longer function.

Is it true that the nbn™ from all providers are the same?2021-08-30T14:17:20+10:00

On the surface all providers use the same technology, however, an important point of difference is that providers such as Infinite Networks don’t over subscribe their service like the other major brands – so it is a logical conclusion that Infinite Networks’ service is usually faster. Another important consideration is the level of customer service and response times. We have heard countless stories from our customers (who have come from other providers) stating that the main reason they have switched to us is the slow response time to their problems. At Infinite Networks we guarantee responsive and local Australian support so you will never speak to an overseas call centre.

Is it compulsory for my business to switch over to nbn™?2021-08-30T14:16:11+10:00

Most of the copper network will be no longer be available sometime in the near future. This will make it compulsory for a Business to switch from the traditional copper network to nbn™. However, businesses that have VDSL available won’t be forced from ADSL to nbn™.

We can also help with

Enhanced SLAs

We now offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with nbn™ services. This distinguishes business-grade nbn™ from residential-grade services. SLAs help your business minimise potential service disruption and allow for faster rectification of any services faults.

Additional IP Addresses

Infinite Networks Business broadband and Fibre connections come with a static IP Address. However, if you require more additional IP addresses then Infinite Networks offers IP Ranges that provide  1 to 30 IP Addresses.

Professional Installation

We offer professional installation for nbn™ services. This end-to-end solution eliminates the common nbn™ connection challenges and complexity. This service is particularly useful for sites where there are multiple units and the nbn™ will only be installed to the building MDF.


We offer various phone solutions, such as a single line option for your business, Business SIP Trunks or a complete cloud-based phone system, allowing you to make calls from anywhere in Australia.

Our solutions are tailored for business us, with a fixed cost per month and no requirement to have equipment at your business location.

Managed Routers

When it comes to networks the router at each is the key to connectivity between the internet and your business. Infinite Networks uses Cisco routers due to their enterprise hardware and leading-edge software.

Mobile Broadband

Infinite Networks Mobile Broadband can be packaged with an NBN solution to provide a business continuity option for businesses that can’t afford to have downtime during operational hours.

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Get connected

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