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Better Routers for your NBN.

Let us manage your router whilst your business does what it does best.

We manage the routers so you can focus on your business.

When it comes to networks the router at each is the key to connectivity between the internet and your business. Infinite Networks uses Cisco routers due to their enterprise hardware and leading-edge software.

Choosing Infinite Networks to manage your organisation’s routers will allow fast diagnosis of any network related issues while keeping your network safe. This will greatly reduce the time spent by IT staff and contractors troubleshooting issues and allow proactive remediation to ensure the organisation can operate at it maximum efficiency with a reliable network.

Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra

How it works

Infinite Networks Network Operation Centre in Mawson ACT monitors the flow across the network and automated alarms are sent in the event of any issues. Infinite Networks sometimes raises the issue with its client’s before the business has had a chance to identify what the cause may be.

Infinite also offers network consulting to provide advisory services on technology and innovation aligned with your organisation’s strategies. We will assist you to review, improve, and optimise your network environment. This delivers the best experience possible for your people and the way they work.

Setup and Monthly Costs

Solutions starting from $77.00 per month.

Key benefits and features

  • Flexible and scalable

  • Single point of contact

  • Includes hardware replacement in the event of hardware failure

  • Business continuity options

  • Supply and configure Enterprise router with ongoing management and maintenance.

  • Network design and implementation of the new service.

  • 24/7 monitoring of the service by our Network Operations Centre.

Infinite Networks - Canberra
Infinite Networks - Canberra

We can also help with


We offer various voice solutions, such as a single line option for your business, Business SIP Trunks or a complete cloud-based phone system, allowing you to make calls from anywhere in Australia.

Our solutions are tailored for business us, with a fixed cost per month and no requirement to have equipment at your business location.

More Info About Our Voice Products?

Business networks

Our Private Network offering leverages the Ethernet coverage of tier 1 carriers, giving our customers greater coverage and cost effectiveness by avoiding a single provider.

As a business Internet Provider, we can provide your business with a true MPLS private network or SD-WAN nation-wide using our multi-carrier services.

More about Business Networks

Fibre Internet

We partner with all the major fibre carriers connected to our Data Centres in Sydney and Canberra. We are not restricted to using only one carrier and are thus able to create the best Business fibre network solution for you. We also can offer Fibre1000 and Fibre400 connections which are high-speed, cost-effective Internet services that are available in buildings connected to the TPG network.

Interested in Fibre Internet?


The nbn™ is Australia’s new broadband network which is an upgrade to Australia’s existing telecommunications infrastructure with faster and more reliable broadband. Infinite can now offer a variety of business nbn™ plans.

Our focus on quality and getting the very best out of Australia’s latest broadband network is second to none.

Learn more about nbn™

Professional Installation

We offer professional installation for nbn™ services. This end-to-end solution eliminates the common nbn™ connection challenges and complexity. This service is particularly useful for sites where there are multiple units and the nbn™ will only be installed to the building MDF.

Learn About Installations

Enhanced SLAs

We now offer Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with nbn™ services. This distinguishes business-grade nbn™ from residential-grade services. SLAs help your business minimise potential service disruption and allow for faster rectification of any services faults.

Find Out About SLAs

Mobile Broadband

Infinite Networks Mobile Broadband can be packaged with an NBN solution to provide a business continuity option for businesses that can’t afford to have downtime during operational hours.

About Mobile Broadband Solutions

Additional IP Addresses

Infinite Networks Business broadband and Fibre connections come with a static IP Address. However, if you require more additional IP addresses then Infinite Networks offers IP Ranges that provide  1 to 30 IP Addresses.

Looking for IP Addresses?

Fax to Email

Infinite Network’s Cloud-based Fax to Email service allows business to retain their existing fax service but utilise it in a modern way. This is done through a dedicated Fax Number and the functionality of sending faxes via email and receiving them as emails in your inbox. Simple and time effective!

Learn About Fax To Emails

Symmetrical connections

A symmetric internet connection means that the data speed and file transfer rate is the same in both directions. So you get the same download and upload speeds, at the same time.

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Managed firewall

A Managed Firewall is a network security solution that includes traffic inspection, intrusion prevention and policy enforcement. Your network is protected by a single on-site device.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we move our managed routers between our different sites?2022-02-23T16:20:18+11:00

Generally no. However, 4G only setups can be configured to be mobile.

What router would suit a NBN-EE with a NBN FTTN fail over service?2022-02-23T16:33:02+11:00

C1117-4P Cisco which can be bought outright or leased. This router has the capability to handle dual wan connections.

Can I choose which modem is used?2021-11-04T15:33:42+11:00

Yes you can choose specific models depending on your site requirements.

Is there an option for dual NBN connections?2021-11-04T15:32:58+11:00

Yes we have options that include dual connections. These can either be on a single network or two different networks to improve redundancy.

Is there a 4G failover available?2021-10-08T14:31:18+11:00

Yes we have several options that include 4G failover.

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You are in good company

Here a few words from our customers.

“They solved a number of challenges for us in a very short amount of time”

Infinite has been a fantastic support to our business at A New Approach (ANA). They solved a number of challenges for us in a very short amount of time ahead of launching our new website, providing us with a secure and stable service and ensuring the transition was seamless. We have been incredibly grateful for the very responsive team at Infinite and thank them for their ongoing support.

Alexandra Nichols, the Director of Media and Communications of A New Approach

“Why I’m an Infinite Networks client, and why I tell other businesses about Infinite.”

Infinite Networks supported us as we deployed our Canberra and Brisbane teams remotely to work from home.  Our need to be operational before a Monday saw Infinite team members deliver critical devices to private addresses after hours on a weekend.

Ian Lindgren, Executive Chairman of the PayMe Group.

If you would like to read what some of our other customers have said about Infinite Network’s team and the services we offer. then jump on to what are clients are saying. 

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