Sophos Gold Partner

Established in 2003 Infinite Networks is a Sophos Gold Partner and has been implementing and maintaining firewalls for almost 10 years in Canberra, Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.

Sophos Gold Partner Infinite Networks Canberra

Sophos delivers the best security outcomes for real-world organisations

Today’s threat landscape demands a strong combination of prevention, detection, and response. Sophos combines the best protection with efficient detection and response.

Sophos XG Firewall and Access Points
Sophos threat analysis using AI

Better Protection

Powered by industry-leading AI, with protection that is on by default, Sophos stops threats fast. By reducing the attack surface and preventing attacks from running, it removes opportunities for attackers to penetrate your organisation. It also saves time for your security analysts. Protect your devices against known and unknown ransomware and malicious code, phishing and malware websites, and the typical attacker-led behaviours.

What we do

  • Network protection through Firewall both hardware and virtual appliances
  • Security Operations for faster more accurate detection and response
  • Email and Cloud Protect your communications to stop phishing and protect email data, and to have secure access to your cloud
  • Endpoint protection through Intercept X.
Sophos Firewall Demo

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