Web Development Support & Warranty

Each web development piece of work that is created by Infinite Networks comes with 3 months (90 days) warranty, to which we will repair anything that breaks within that time frame. This only includes functions or items that were within the original scope and/or were developed by Infinite Networks.

Web Development Estimate Policy

Each body of web development work is estimated based a known and documented list of user requirements. If any work is not listed but is required to be developed in order to complete the list, then this is consider out of scope.


All out of scope work needs to be estimated and approved by stakeholders before moving forward.


All figures either financially or hour based, are estimations and as such should always be considered as such.

Browser Compatibility and Support Policy

Infinite Networks develops and creates its projects keeping browser and operating system diversity in the forefront. We always ensure that our projects and our own digital assets (such as website or portals) are visible and function correctly on the latest two versions of a vendor’s browser.

Which vendors and their browsers do you work with?

Infinite Networks currently supports:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Apple Safari
  • Opera
  • Internet Explorer (partial support for version 11 only)

Which operating systems do you support?

Infinite Networks currently supports the below vendors and their operating systems:

  • Apple’s Mac OSX.
  • Apple’s iOS
  • Google Android
  • Microsoft Windows

Why don’t we support all operating browsers and all operating systems?

Older browser versions are only used by a tiny percentage of people, and do not offer the latest security updates or features that help us to build your websites. To ensure that our projects produce value for money, Infinite Networks has decided to only be officially compatible with the latest 2 versions of a browser.

What does browser compatible mean for my website?

New versions of browsers are constantly released and most of the time they contain functional bug fixes and security updates. Sometimes though, they contain updates that would change the way the browser will render the website’s code (how it makes it look) or how you can interact with it (how buttons behave).


Browser compatibility simply means that Infinite Networks can guarantee that the website or project’s code is 100% compatible with those browser versions. There is a high chance that a large range of old versions will continue to work as expected but Infinite Networks won’t be able to guarantee it that or support those errors.

How do I find out what browser and version I am using?

Each browser has a different interface so often it’s easier to simply visit the below website whilst using the different browsers you have installed.




When visiting this page, you will see a very large text stating the browser you are using and its version right after it. Below this you will also see ‘Browser Details” which will provide more granular information on your browser and operating system.

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